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Luminous Floating Heart

Elevate your evening ambiance with our Luminous Floating Heart night light. Its gentle glow and magical levitation add a touch of romance to any space.


Reviews From Our Customers


Absolutely in love with the floating heart night light! It gives such a soft, romantic glow that it has turned our bedroom into a dreamy escape. It’s perfect for our anniversary celebrations.

Brown. W

I bought the levitating flower pot and it's like a piece of magic in my living room. Everyone who visits is mesmerized

Emily. R

The customer service here is as phenomenal as their products. They helped me choose the perfect levitating bonsai as a housewarming gift, and it was a huge hit!

Johnathan. T

From the floating bonsai to the heart-shaped night lights, every item I’ve bought from Levitating Gadgets has been a conversation starter. Their products have transformed my home.

Patel. J